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What to Expect

 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) is a type of bodywork specifically designed to work with the myofascial tissue releasing restrictions to treat root causes instead of just symptoms. Fascia is found throughout the body in a 3D web or matrix and connects every part of the body together. The body is quite literally all one piece.  Any restriction anywhere in the body will cause a ripple effect throughout the whole body. We will always treat the body as a whole. 


50 minute session: $105

What to wear

MFR requires us to work directly on the skin without sliding. Please have clean dry skin without any lotion.

Minors, please wear shorts and a tank top or sports bra. Ladies, you will want to be comfortable in your bra and underwear. You could also wear loose stretchy shorts and sports bra or tank top. A 2-piece bathing suit would also be good. Gentlemen, boxers or athletic shorts are appropriate attire.



A portion of your session is a visual assessment of your body’s structure and movement. Your therapist will be looking at you front and back to see what position your structure (spine, head, neck, shoulders, pelvis, arms, legs, feet) is in. You will be walking in the room to allow your therapist to see how your body has to organize itself to move through gravity. This is so that you are being treated as comprehensively as possible.


Additional Information

It is important the we are treating you instead of following steps for a body who looks like you on paper. We will be doing the assessment portion of the session every time you come in for an appointment. It is important that we are treating you based on present moment information as your body starts to shift into a more balanced position. We want you to see progress. We want you to feel differently. We want you moving forward. We want you living joyfully!

The MFR treatment is a gentle powerful way of connecting into the tissue. Unlike traditional massage therapy, we won’t be using oil, rubbing, or digging into your soft tissue. We will never use force during an MFR session. Pressure, yes. Force, never. It is very important that you and your body feel safe so that you are able to let go and allow change to occur.


Team Approach

MFR is helping so many people eliminate pain and get their lives back that Marisa’s case load continues to grow! In order to continue helping everyone who wants to benefit from John Barnes MFR, Marisa has implemented a team approach to MFR treatment. This allows Marisa to have more hands to help more people as frequently as they need treatment to support and maintain their progress. The therapists on Marisa’s team have taken John Barnes Myofascial Release training and continue to be mentored by Marisa. Some sessions Marisa will have therapists with her to assist her and you during your treatment.  Some sessions you will see just Marisa. Some sessions you will be scheduled with one of her team.  This team approach exponentially increases the results of your treatment!


Clinic session with two therapists: 
60 minutes- $210

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